Haunted Objects

haunted objects - haunted dollHaunted objects are everywhere.

Entire buildings can be haunted with residual energy imprints.

Haunted objects happen when intense energy – usually violent – happens around them.  Like the smell of rancid food stays around a dumpster, bad (sometimes evil) energy can linger around haunted objects.

When an object stores good or happy energy, nobody calls it haunted. They may even call it a lucky charm.

So, if someone describes an object as haunted, we know it’s not good.

The most common haunted objects are

  • Demonic Ouija boards.
  • Creepy dolls.
  • Haunted mirrors.
  • Electronics (like TVs, radios, MP3 players and record players) .
  • Objects used in rituals.

Other common haunted objects include jewelry, rocking chairs, and some Tarot decks. We hear from a lot of people with possessed Thoth (Tarot style) card decks, originally designed for Aleister Crowley.

If you have (or are afraid you have) a haunted object –

  • Get it out of your house.  Put it in a storage unit, the shed or the garage.  If you don’t have one of those, at least put it in the basement.
  • Then, get help right away. John Zaffis is usually very busy, but you can contact him at his website, JohnZaffis.com.  If you can’t reach John, we recommend any mainstream church in your community.  Catholics and Episcopals may have the most experience with demonic objects.

Do not destroy it. Don’t burn it or shred it or give it away.  Haunted objects have a way of coming back to haunt you, worse than before.

Don’t try to convince yourself you’re imagining what’s going on around haunted objects. Don’t think everything’s going to get better all by itself, either.

Haunted objects are real.  If you think this sounds crazy, read his book, Shadows of the Dark, which describes lots of haunted objects he’s encountered.


2 thoughts on “Haunted Objects

  1. meagan

    If you have several objects that could be causing the haunting, how can you determine which is the correct object?


  2. Kyle

    My friend rusty just brought over this haunted boline blade that was used in a sacrifical ritual to Demeter..he says it’s really screwing with him so we’ve chosen to burry it.



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