Possessed Possessions

possessed possessions - bookPossessed Possessions : Haunted Antiques, Furniture and Collectibles by Ed Okonowicz

Long before “Ghost Hunters” began, Ed Okonowicz began studying haunted objects.

In this eerie book, he talks about 20 different haunted antiques, possessions and collectibles.  He found them all across the United States.

If you like ghost stories, you’ll probably like this book.  It’s short (99 pages) and the author talks about possessed possessions in real “just the facts, ma’am” style.

However, if you’re a skeptic or you want documented proof that the story is true, this book isn’t for you.  Or if you’re looking for John Zaffis’ planned book with the same title, this isn’t that book. (John’s Possessed Possessions book is not out yet.)

Ed Okonowicz’s Possessed Possessions book is a little dated but kind of chilling.  It’s a good, quick read that will make you think twice about shopping at thrift shops and antiques stores.

Ed talks about dolls with lifelike eyes that seem to watch you, chairs that move all by themselves, vintage record players that start up without anyone nearby, and other creepy haunted objects you wouldn’t want to own.

Some of the stories are creepy because of the owners of these possessed possessions, like the guy who keeps a life-sized plastic Barbie doll wrapped in plastic in his shed.  Why is he surprised when he’s haunted?

Other stories make you wonder why the owners don’t just get rid of the possessed possessions, like the headboard that’s haunted by an apparition of a little boy.  If something jumped out of our headboard every night, that headboard would be at Goodwill the next day.

So, you have to wonder about these people and why they keep weird, haunted and possessed possessions.

This isn’t the scariest book we’ve ever read, or the best written, but it has enough strange stories to make this worth buying a used copy.

If you’re interested in possessed possessions, this is a good (not great) book to read.



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