Haunted Objects – How They Work

Haunted objects… how do they work?

In the following video, one explanation is a visit from “the other side.”  Someone in spirit form is interacting with an object.  At the time, the object seems haunted.

However, after that interaction, the object isn’t necessarily haunted or cursed, and it’s not a possessed object.

It’s just a talisman or a reminder of that spiritual encounter through an object.

In the glass in the video, the woman has a happy reminder.  It’s important to remember that “haunted” doesn’t always mean “evil.”

A second explanation of haunted objects appears at about the seven-minute mark in this video. That is, a person and an object can exchange physical particles. When that happens, you’ve left a marker on the object… and it’s left its mark on you.

That’s a good thing when it’s a lucky charm or a blessed item.

When it isn’t… that’s the scary kind of haunted or cursed object.  That’s a haunted object that can cause huge problems in the home or business where it is.

However, disposing of the paranormal object becomes a challenge because it’s now connected to you through exchanged particles.

This may be one reason why John Zaffis, star of SyFy’s Haunted Collector, says that you shouldn’t just throw out a haunted object.  You certainly shouldn’t break it into pieces or burn it.

First, move it away from human contact.  By doing that, you reduce the number of particles you’re exchanging.

Putting a barrier between the object and people — such as wrapping it in a couple of trash bags and putting it in an unused shed or storage unit — can further reduce the particle exchange.

After that, either contact John Zaffis, or get help from the religious community in your area.

[Or click here to watch it on You Tube]


6 thoughts on “Haunted Objects – How They Work

  1. Johnny

    I need help. I think I have a spirit in my house. We often hear footsteps, sound of opening windows, and weird sounds which sound like as if a huge ball is rolling on the floor. These sounds come from the attic where we have many antique objects from Indonesia.Please if you have any tips, let me know immidiately. I would apprecitate it.


  2. Pam Garcia

    We have a metal plaque of the god of war from Peru in the house that I believe is cursed. Since we have had it I sense bad vibes and have noticed bad “luck” within the family. For example broken bones and money problems. How would you suggest I dispose of this object?


    1. admin

      Definitely get it out of the house. For starters, I’d bury it at the base of a tree; just remember where you put it, so you can dig it up later.

      Then, get in touch with someone like John Zaffis and ask his advice. Except for burying the object or putting weights on it and immersing it in water, we’re not sure what you should do. Ask John. He’s the guy who knows.


  3. Susan Shanks

    Hi John,
    I have watched you on tv, I trust you. I live in New Milford, Ct. We were cleaning out an attic of a friend in Bridgewater. In the back we came upon a ouijia board, that she didn’t know was there. I wanted to dispose of this the best way, used when her daughter was a teen, I put it in a plastic garbage bag, took it away from the house, up the road. Little things have happend, but what concerned me was at the spot near the board, this is a dirt, partically paved road, there were skid marks from tires, directly in line with the board. I want to get rid of it and don’t know the right way. I don’t want it to hurt anyone in the area. Please could you help us.
    Susie Shanks


  4. Nancy

    I think I may be cursed or have an object that maybe cursed. I have unusual bad luck this has been going on for years and I believe that something is the cause of this. My question for you is how do I figure this out? If I have an object that is causing all of this bad luck? Are there processes in order to find what object is causing me to have this black cloud over me and my family?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you




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