Museum of the Paranormal (DVD) – Review

Hear John Zaffis describe his “Museum of the Paranormal” and what he’s learned from collecting haunted objects.

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From the description on this DVD:

A fascinating look into the true events surrounding the many haunted items in the famous Connecticut museum. From a poltergeist ravaged teddy bear; to a crucifix with an uncharacteristically dark history and an unsettling ventriloquist dummy named Simon known for his independent conversations, the simplest possessions can sometimes harbor the most disturbing secrets imaginable.

Join Legendary demonologist JOHN ZAFFIS as he takes you on a personal tour through the largest and most diverse paranormal museum in history and shares the mysterious and, at times dark tales behind a collection over 35 years in the making.

JOHN ZAFFIS’ MUSEUM OF THE PARANORMAL is a tour you will not soon forget!

Our review

This video is an introduction to John Zaffis’ eerie Museum of the Paranormal. It features about a dozen objects, out of over a thousand he’s collected for his very creepy museum. Each haunted or  possessed item gets about five minutes, so the main part of this video is about 40 minutes long.

The video also includes outtakes (aka “bloopers”). If you’ve never heard demonologist and “haunted collector” John Zaffis talk, in person, it’s one way to see how he keeps his sense of humor in a very dark profession.

You’ll also see a brief video about paranormal research, with actual investigators talking about their experiences.

Rating - 4 stars


One thought on “Museum of the Paranormal (DVD) – Review

  1. Hester

    I do like the show The Haunted Collector very much but it’s hard to believe that each time John removes one particular object from the site that he and his crew are investigating that all paranormal activity stops… but that doesn’t keep me from watching each episode. It’s very compelling.



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