Haunted Ouija Boards

haunted ouija boardAll you have to say is something like haunted objects or paranormal items or even just the word “cursed” and many people think about Ouija boards.

What is it about Ouija boards, anyway?  Why are Ouija boards haunted more than other fortune telling tools?

Sure, now and then I hear about someone bouncing off the walls and burning a Crowley Thoth deck because it’s cursed.  (The Thoth deck is like Tarot cards, but a little different.)

Mostly, when people talk about fortunetelling tools, I hear about haunted or cursed Ouija boards.

And then the person assures me that the Ouija board can’t be the source of his or her problems, because they burned the Ouija board.

Burning a haunted object is one of the stupider things you can do.  Oh, I understand why someone does it.  They want that item gone.

However, the smoke particles then infiltrate the entire environment.  And, if the particle exchange theory is right, the energy finds its way back to you like a homing pigeon.

Worse, you’re stuck with it because you can’t find all the smoke particles and quarantine them.

But the question is, what is it about Ouija boards that makes them so dangerous?

For one thing, it’s such an old fortunetelling game, people don’t always know to touch the “Goodbye” point on the board to close the session or end the connection.  So, the spirit keeps talking to (or through) them even after they’ve put the Ouija board aside.

Also, a lot of people don’t take Ouija boards seriously. They think it’s just a toy or a game.

It’s not.

In some cases, people deliberately manipulate the platen (the pointer) on the Ouija board .  They get it to spell out a meaningful message for “fun” and that scares the people who don’t know it’s deliberate.

Putting that kind of fear into someone can make them more vulnerable.  It’s a Law of Attraction thing.  Don’t do it.

However, any time you deliberately allow a spirit to use your body  (like trance medium work), or connect with you physically and move part of your body without your control (like with a Ouija board) you put yourself at risk.


A lot of people have seen the Zozo Ouija board videos.  They’ve scared a lot of people, and maybe they should. Here’s one of the original videos.

[Or click here to see it at YouTube.com]

Here’s what John Zaffis said on a radio show, talking about Zozo — a spirit or deity associated with Ouija boards. (A deity is an ancient, powerful spirit or god, usually based in Pagan and earth-based religions.)

According to John, the name Zozo keeps coming up over & over again.  Listen here:

[Or click here to listen at YouTube]

In that interview, John raises a good point. When energy comes through an object such as a Ouija board, and there’s a name, it’s important to research that name.  See if it’s garbled or misspelled.  See if it’s a known name of a demon or deity.

However, remember that demons can pretend to be deities.  Demons can pretend to be anyone, including your great-aunt Bessie.  They can be very convincing.

It’s best to avoid Ouija boards.   And, if you get into trouble with one, don’t burn it.


One thought on “Haunted Ouija Boards

  1. meagan

    How would you close a Ouija conversation? As well as recognise if the spirit that you are speaking with means you harm, before it can cause it?



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