Haunted Office Equipment

Can office equipment be haunted? Some people think so.

Sure, everyone’s heard about an evil photocopier that eats paper (and sometimes originals), or the vending machine in the lounge that eats quarters.

There’s also a “haunted typewriter” people created for a 2010 exhibit in the UK.  (Read more here.)

That took a lot of work and it’s a cool idea.

Here’s a video of another typewriter someone rigged to look haunted.

Also, here’s how to make a Mac look haunted.

But what about actually haunted office equipment?  I don’t mean the creepy typewriter scenes in The Shining, but something in an office that seems to be haunted.

Deputy District Attorney Gloria McCary (Socorro, NM) claimed that her former office was haunted.   She heard a chair move and files being moved when no one was there.  She also heard a typewriter typing… in an empty room.  (Ref: Forbes.com)

Then there’s the Easton Public Library in PA, where a file cabinet is among the haunts of at least one ghost.  Some say the library and its files are haunted by Elizabeth Bell “Mammy” Morgan, and Easton’s founder, William Parsons. Others say the library was built on the German Reformed Cemetery which was, in turn, located at an earlier Native American burial site.  It’s not unusual to hear about a community cemetery being located where burials took place far earlier.  (Ref: Pennsylvania’s Mountains of Attractions.)

Speaking of haunted libraries, you can watch for ghosts on webcams at haunted libraries.  Willard Library (Evansville, IN) has three ghostcams that refresh every 20 seconds.  (They aren’t always online.)

Or, you may want to spend more time in Pennsylvania at the haunted Knickerbocker Hotel (Linesville, PA).  Their webcam isn’t always working, but the website has some eerie screen captures.

However, that’s not haunted office equipment.  So far, I don’t see much about really haunted typewriters, desks, office chairs, file cabinets, or anything else in an office.

I’m wondering why.

If you’ve heard about any office equipment that really seemed haunted, leave a comment.


One thought on “Haunted Office Equipment

  1. Peg Knickerbocker

    Our place The Knickerbocker Hotel Linesville Pa has many items we have placed through out the Hotel. I will tell you on an Investigation by a team from Ohio E.P.I.C one of the women played on a Trombone we have on display that is from a family member that was in the service civil war era, we have two haunted dolls sent to us and we have these dolls in a room that was once the owners daughters room, her father was at the races in Cleveland Ohio and while he was gone she ran off and married a man in his twenties she was fifteen. When her father returned to the Hotel he had both of them arrested and jailed the man and his daughter refused to return to her home and Father. When the investigator played the “Off to the Races” on the trombone the doll on the bed fell over face first. The investigation team tried to get the dolls to fall by jumping on the floor , slamming down on the bed blowing on the dolls and in none of the attempts the dolls never fell. The only explanation we have is that it was the spirit of the daughter reacting to the “Off to the Races” and in her remembrance of what her Father had done to her she in fact showed her disdain and pushed the doll over to show she was in her room and she was not happy.

    I am sharing this experience because you had mentioned our Hotel in your article.

    Thanks for the interest in our site.
    Peg and Myrle Knickerbocker



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