The Haunted Collector’s Museum

What does a haunted collector actually collect?

He collects haunted objects, of course.

In this video, you’ll take a quick tour of John Zaffis’ Museum of the Paranormal, and listen to him talk about why objects become haunted.

Find out why you should never break, throw out, or burn a haunted object.

Hear how a Christmas present brought a curse to a woman’s home.

This is a video from “SCARED!”

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My reaction?  I have no idea why John keeps this stuff.  I know it has to go somewhere (after all, there is no “away” when we “throw away” things), but I wouldn’t want it near me.

I certainly wouldn’t want a whole lot of these haunted and cursed objects in one location.  My first thought is: Don’t they interact, and maybe increase their powers, exponentially?

I also think, if one of these objects doesn’t resonate or otherwise connect with you, there’s a good chance that another one will.

This is fascinating to see on the computer monitor or TV screen.  In person?  No, thanks.  I’ve always told people, “Never take anything out of a haunted location.”

John Zaffis not only takes things home, he builds displays and a museum around them.. and then starred in a TV show about them, Syfy’s Haunted Collector.

For many years, John Zaffis has been a professional in a very dark and challenging field.  I’m trusting (hoping?) that he knows what he’s doing.  He’s seen the negative effects of these demonic dolls and creepy clowns.

However, there are days when I wonder if all this weird stuff has gotten to John.  Maybe it isn’t very smart to keep so many haunted objects, display them so they’ll get lots of attention, and swap energy particles with each other and the people who pass by them.

I hope I’m wrong about that.

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22 thoughts on “The Haunted Collector’s Museum

  1. Conrad M. Walters

    I’m also hoping this guy is not taking valuable items from these people, and if so is taking advantage of them at a very trusting place in their lives. The beautiful music box/jewelry box appeared to be a valuable item and could be sold for a quick buck, or two; as well as the cane/gun made in 1845. DEFINITELY worth some serious scratch. I’m thinking that he could offer them some money for holding it for them, with the option to purchase at some later point. I don’t know; maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. I just don’t want him to take advantage of anyone. Instead of John taking them, if the object has to leave the home, sell it to someone that wouldn’t mind having something with such an INTERESTING HISTORY in their home.


    1. admin


      I appreciate your concerns, and I think they’re reasonable if you’re not familiar with John’s work or your only impressions are from the TV show.

      Those of us who know John are more familiar with how he really works with clients. Taking advantage of people is never part of the equation.

      John finds and — only if the owner requests it — removes objects that could be causing significant anguish to the owner.

      John keeps those objects safe in his museum, giving the owner time to more calmly evaluate whether or not the problems were actually caused by the object. (Personally, I’m not happy that this hasn’t been made clear in the first two episodes.)

      If the problem resumes in the home, well, the problem wasn’t the object. It’s returned to the owner.

      If the owner wants the object back anyway (whether or not the activity resumes), that’s not a problem either.

      In many cases, the objects have sentimental value or pride of ownership. After all, that’s why people kept these objects in the first place. So, it wouldn’t be right to sell the objects. Having John hold them while the owners evaluate the situation is prudent.

      After the owner has had time to make a thoughtful decision — as opposed to an impulsive “Get that thing out of here” — that’s when the status of the item can be determined.

      And, in my opinion, it would be irresponsible to sell haunted or cursed objects to someone else, anyway. While it’s all well and good for someone to adopt a skeptical stance or assume “it can’t be that bad,” I think it would be really annoying to be called to sequential homes over the same object.

      Let me share some additional insights:

      John has done this kind of work for over 30 years. Until recently, this paranormal work was in addition to his regular day job.

      He doesn’t charge anything for his time. He doesn’t complain about the excruciating situations he often has to deal with. (See the actual documentary about the Haunting in Connecticut problem. That’s the kind of thing John has volunteered to work with. The haunted/cursed objects work shown on TV is relatively lightweight.)

      Until recently, John did this work after-hours… nights and weekends. That took him away from his family, and you’ve seen on the show that he cares deeply for his family.

      This work frequently puts John at risk. Some of his cases have been violent, when relatives of the tormented person have contacted John for help.

      John doesn’t get paid for his work. He’s traveling long distances at no charge, and he’s holding onto items that seem to cause grief, havoc and unhappiness to anyone around them.

      I just can’t work with the idea that, after all that, John should be paying them. It’s not like he takes the objects and sells them, even to recover his expenses.

      While I understand your point, I think the issue is what’s been edited out of the TV episodes, so far.


      1. bobby

        What happens to the items if the people do not want them returned? Are they compensated for the market/insurance value of the item?


  2. Jenny

    Please tell John I am praying for him and his family. I’ve grown up with lots of paranormal activity, and know it’s nothing you go out of your way to pick a fight with. I worry about him talking to these ‘spirits’ as I have my own beliefs about them. I saw that he is a demonologist, which makes me believe that he questions if these hauntings are demonic or a human spirit. I do appreciate that he does not call himself a medium, and doesn’t allow these things to communicate through him or another person. I truly wonder though, in his personal life, by bringing these items in his house, if he is inviting curses on himself and his family. I pray someone who is in the deliverance ministry, a strong Christian, would purify his home and museum through prayer regularly. I truly appreciate his hard work and desire to help people. May God protect you John…Blessings…


    1. admin


      Thanks for your comments. It’s never smart to pick a fight with anyone or any entity, alive or in the spirit world.

      Regarding the risks in bringing objects back to his home: If you see the movie, The World Within, I think it will put your mind at rest. (The movie is available at Amazon, and if your public library doesn’t own a copy… well, they probably should get one.)

      In that documentary, John talks about what he does to protect himself and others from the spiritual energy attached to the haunted objects. He rarely talks about this in public; I’ve known him for about ten years, and I didn’t know about this. He certainly doesn’t talk about it on the TV show, and I wish he would. I think it’s an important topic, but… well, John doesn’t decide what goes into the TV show, the producers do.

      I’m sure he’ll see your comment, and be grateful for your prayers on his behalf.

      Thank you!


  3. Athena P.

    I LOVE this show! I’m a fan of paranormal anything and I would love to visit the museum one day. 🙂 Thanks for adding this awesome show, SyFy! ❤


  4. Carolyn

    I love this show! It is my absolute favorite and blows other ghost shows out of the water. I would only love for it to be longer and more in depth, maybee only one case per hour. I can’t wait to get John’s DVD’s and Books. Thank you for this great show!


  5. Mandy

    I’m sure you have many haunted spiritual objects in your collection but I was wondering if yoou had come across a a very unusual metal cross with a very unusual figure in the middle of it. It’s just a cloaked figure with no face. I had contact with it at one point in time when I was 19 or so and I’m 33 now. It was given to me by a neighbor who found it in a burnt down house. It was untarnished still hanging on a wall. Pretty much as soon as I received it bad things started to happen and a lot of bad luck befell my household. Also if any reads this and knows what im talking about you should probably contact someone to put that thing where it can’t do anymore damage.


  6. James

    I think John’s research proves the “activity” is more psychological conditioning then actual spiritual. And, I know he realizes this. John’s major concern is the targeting of objects, not cleansing and neutralizing any energies connected with the items. If the items are actually “attached” as he says, I can’t imagine the type of activity his storage place must have. Not once have I seen him considering energy is neutral, neither positive or negative. A concern would be of the spirit activity itself, not the item. Actually, it’s not difficult to clear an item. Not dealing with the spirits and the mere removing of objects demonstrates the psychological influence of the show involved, as well as, how we human are subjects to spiritual conditioning. He takes advantage of superstitious victims, the situations, and uses it for less then amusing television without addressing real concerns.


  7. Irene

    I am just about to watch the second season new episode! I am very worried for Johns family. I really hope his family is okay with what he is doing, there might be very stronge energy from evil people stil in those objects and if one day an evil spirit goes bonkers him and his family could be in big trouble! If anything dangerous happens I want all of you to be safe. Stay healthy, happy, and safe!
    Your fan, Irene


  8. Hora

    I will like ask Jhon if he not afraid have near all object,who have anegative power?because I believe to strong in that all object can have a diabolic power,and can affect any one.


  9. Manny

    Is your museum open to the public, I’ll be flying from New mexico to Hartford, CT and would like to make a trip to the museum.


  10. Tony Guerrero

    John, hope your well buddy. Have you guys ever investigated Stanley House out here in Colorado. Hopefully you’ll come out here to Colorado,there’s a lot of active locations. Very popular sites just in and around the Denver area.


  11. Rich Drapikowski

    I have the same question that others above have asked to which never gets answered, where is John’s museum and is it open to the public? I noticed under your FAQs you list this answer as a link to John’s web page however it says on his web page that it closed until further notice, not much help there any information on what is going on? And why this one question never gets answered and why it can not even be answered by John‘s web page? As I live in Delaware I had wanted to take the short trip to CT and see his museum.

    Best regards,

    Rich D


    1. webmaster Post author

      Rich, as far as I know, the museum was “in progress” when John was recruited for the show. To the best of my knowledge, it’s not open to the public, and I’m not sure that it will ever have regular hours like museums that have staff members, etc. It’s not exactly the kind of museum you can let people wander through, especially if they bring children along. Personally, I’ve never had an interest in being in a building with that many haunted objects, so learning more about it hasn’t been a high priority for me. Unless someone is replying at John Zaffis’ website, I don’t have any answers for you. Sorry.


  12. ROBERT

    hey hi i would love to be his apprentice one day i love the paranormal as i said i am haunted everyday with them around me, i was on my death bed when i was a baby and one saved my life and cured my illness, i would love to be a ghost hunter and help the dead cross over to where they belong. they are not to be in this world, they belong to where they are to be juged by the man who created us. if it wasnt for that spirit i would have not been here to tell my little story with anyone. i am still being haunted by them i have weird dreams even when i am awake.


  13. Tiger 1

    are you still on with your show on syfy. I have a friend with something unusual and she wants to ask about it. Are you on twitter or facebook? Its got to do with a plaque or something off of a casket that someone put in a frame. She has no idea what it is for sure. It is in her attic and she went up looking for it and it was where she put . She looked all over and finally lifted a blanket. It wasn’t there before and she didn’t move it.



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