How John Zaffis Started His Paranormal Museum

How did John Zaffis — the star of the TV series, Haunted Collector — start his Museum of the Paranormal?  In this 7-minute video, you’ll hear how and why he began his collection of haunted and cursed objects.

Hear about some of John’s cases:

  • The two clown dolls that terrified the collector who brought them home.
  • The ventriloquist’s dummy — a gift to a little boy — an how it talked all by itself.
  • The “poppet” doll and its connections to Voodoo.
  • The haunted wedding gown and the ghoulish story behind it.
  • The antique pipe organ and the lovely blonde woman who haunts it.

When you bring an object home, what doors can it open?

After seeing this, you’ll either start visiting every thrift shop and yard sale you see, or you’ll never bring a secondhand item home again.

For a much longer tour of John’s museum and the objects in it, see his video, The Museum of the Paranormal. Learn more about this feature film at


3 thoughts on “How John Zaffis Started His Paranormal Museum

  1. Lisa Mc

    I really need help because Im having problems moving on with my life.Ive sensed things since I was 13 yrs old and now since Ive lost both of my parents I have been stuck in a rut.Can you help me?I have things from both of my parents and I dont know how to get out of this cloud.Plz help me because this is deteriorating my life so I cant move on…


    1. webmaster Post author

      Lisa, This is a fan website. John and the TV show staff aren’t involved with this website in any way. Please visit John’s own website ( for his contact information.



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