More Haunted Objects: The Warrens’ Occult Museum

Tour the Occult Museum of John Zaffis’ aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorriane Warren.  It’s sort of similar to their nephew’s Museum of the Paranormal… the one created by John Zaffis of the TV show, Haunted Collector.

The following video is an unscripted tour taking you past Ed Warren’s paintings of haunted places and into the Warrens’ occult museum which represents over 50 years of paranormal research.

In this very informal 2009 video, you’ll see some of the weird and scary objects collected by Ed and Lorraine Warren.  They became famous for their groundbreaking research at the “Amityville Horror” house.

Lorraine was also a regular guest on the Paranormal State TV series.

What’s especially chilling in this video is hearing the voice of the late Ed Warren talking about the paranormal.  This is where you’ll hear him describe haunted and cursed objects, saying, “To touch one of these items would be the opposite of touching something holy, something blessed…” and then he warns visitors not to reach beyond the yellow tape that protects people from the haunted objects.

[Or click here to see it at You Tube.]

I’m really not sure why people would want to collect haunted and cursed objects.  I’m not even certain I’d want to visit their museums, though — clearly — some people are that courageous.

Read more about Ed & Lorraine Warren’s real cases and demonic encounters in The Demonologist.


9 thoughts on “More Haunted Objects: The Warrens’ Occult Museum

  1. Michelle

    So, if all these things are ‘haunted’ why isn’t this place just swarming with paranormal activity? How could the warren’s subject innocent people to all this ‘demonic’ activity and why? I do believe that items can hold paranormal energy but this sounds like bunk to me. How much do they charge to go through their ‘haunted museum’?


    1. admin

      Michelle, the museum might be swarming with paranormal activity. I’m not rushing to visit it.

      You may not realize that Ed Warren passed away awhile ago. I’m not sure if his widow, Lorraine, opens the museum to the public or not.

      I doubt that either of them would have allowed people into the museum if they thought there was any real danger. However, if you listen to the audio as the tour approaches the museum, you’ll hear a warning not to go past the tape that separates visitors from the objects. It’s possible that the objects were cleansed or blessed, but I’m just guessing. It’s also possible that the energy was measured with something like an EMF meter to determine the safe distance.

      For all I know, there may be a line of salt around each object, or some other barrier between the public and each object’s negative energy, if the objects are still active.

      If you’re equating bunk with “scam,” the Warrens have always sincerely believed in their work. In addition, Lorraine Warren has been one of the stars of Paranormal State. I don’t think there’s any reason for her to do anything that she didn’t completely believe in, or that could tarnish the reputation she’s built over the past 40+ years.

      The Warrens were among the first paranormal researchers of the mid-20th century, and they’re as noted as researchers such as Hans Holzer and Edward Rowe Snow. Though the Warrens clearly entered a steep learning curve in the 1960s, when few people knew how to measure paranormal activity or deal with it, Lorraine is well respected as an authority on what’s safe and what’s worrisome in paranormal activity.

      As a reference point, I know that John Zaffis — who also has a museum — routinely disposes of truly dangerous, haunted or cursed objects. So, there must be some standard used to determine what’s safe to put on display and what has to be disposed of in a way that prevents it from influencing others. I don’t know what that is.


    2. diane

      Michelle no one forces such things upon anyone. It is the choice of the individual themselves that lead them to places such as these for the purpose of being curious. And should an odd occurance take place it seems as if they are being subject when its thier own curiousity that takes them to such places. It isnt the person who has these museums that house such things! its the people that seek them that are the ones who put themselves in such situatuions!


  2. Sherry

    The only problem with the Warrens was that they were so steeped in Religious Dogma that they saw demonic activity in almost everything they encountered. Most spirits are not even “aware” they are still lingering in the living world, and are simply residual energy “hauntings”.

    There are many ways to cleanse an object if it truly needs it; sage, sea salt, holy water, etc. You can also negate the energy by surrounding it with copper, glass or brass, depending on the item’s composition. However, in many cases, all the item really needs is to be removed from the area it is already in. The residual energy is usually being agitated by the people and surroundings to produce the “haunting”.


  3. Dawn

    I grew up in Monroe…the warrens used to have classes which they held in their museum..about me and 10 others went every week for a month or so to learn about the paranormal back in high school…upon classo starting you had to say a prayer to protect you while there and before you left..I have and never will believe they are frauds.


  4. diane

    My condolences to Mrs.Lorraine Warrren of her passing of her loved one! She will be in my Heart, Love, and Prayers so that she will have the strength to be able to remain strong in this time of such loss! For Mr.Warren is and was a great scholar,mentor, and teacher! My heart goes out to the family who has lost a wonderful being!!!!


  5. Monica

    I’m trying to find out the location of the Haunted Collector’s Museum is at. Is it open to the public? If so, how much does it cost, and where is it at? I am sincerely interested and would like to go see it.


  6. jennifer

    Most people will never come to believe that life exist in other forms. There were demonic possessions in Jesus times when He was walking this very earth. There are also individuals to whom have a gift of seeing things that other people cannot see nor will be able to explain. I do believe in demonic possessions and I do believe that good as well as bad spirits can connect themselves to a host. Our western society does not believe in anything that he or she cannot see, feel or touch. Western society(majority of the people) does not believe in God because He or she cannot be seen with the naked eye nor can He be touched.
    I believe the Warrens have done a great deal of research and work into their theories and I do not believe that they would make things up just to get in the newspaper or have appearances on television. I believe that they both have seen and been touched by demonic spirits.
    Everyone has the right to believe what he or she chooses to believe. I believe it and I know that it’s real. The Bible does not lie.


  7. Jon

    Anyone else find the Sandy Hook reference peculiar? I mean in light of what ended up occurring in the same place. I would be interested to find out where that idol was found in relation to where the sandy hook shooter lived.



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