Robert, the Haunted Doll

Is Robert a haunted doll or is it an evil spirit in a doll’s body?  Learn more in this Travel Channel video about one of America’s most haunted – or cursed – dolls.

“Robert the doll” was given to artist Robert Eugene Otto (1900 – 1947)  when he was a young boy. The doll was Eugene’s favorite companion and the doll always took the blame when it looked like Eugene had done something bad.

When Eugene grew up, he kept Robert with him and even gave Robert a room of his own.  However, Robert the doll didn’t like Eugene’s new wife, and the dolls scared children who saw him through the window.

Finally, when Eugene became ill, he locked himself in Robert’s room, and eventually died with Robert by his side.

Today, Robert is on display in the Fort East Martello Museum near Key West, Florida.  His story, explained in this video, is very strange.

I’m interested in the experiences of people who’ve visited John Zaffis’ Museum of the Paranormal. If you’ve been there several times, did you notice anything weird (weirder than being haunted) about the dolls?  Did any of them seem to move?


One thought on “Robert, the Haunted Doll

  1. prescilla lopez

    I don’t know about that last question above. I am however,very interested in knowing more about your findings. I also, and my boyfriend of 10yrs believe in a lot of what Loraine and ed warren studied and believed in. I don’t think things are as we were taught. My daughter (9), has seen some things happen in the house we live in. Whatever it was, it didn’t do anything to her except let her know that there was someone or something in the house. It hasn’t happened d anymore, and I’ve blessed the house as well as my boyfriend. We haven’t had anymore strange things happen.



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