Who Is John Zaffis, anyway…?

Now and then, someone writes to us and it’s clear that they don’t realize who John Zaffis is.

That’s partly because John has kept a low profile.  He’s been too busy working in the paranormal field to take time for PR.

However, if you ask anyone who’s been a long-time or serious ghost or demon researcher, they’ll almost always speak of John with the highest respect.

I doubt if anyone knows more about dealing with ghosts, demons, or the nuances of haunted objects.  Even paranormal experts will often say, “I’m not sure. Get a second opinion from John Zaffis.”

This video features people you may recognize from their work in paranormal research.

If you’re not sure who John Zaffis is, and how important he is in the paranormal field, this will give you a better understanding of why he’s so respected.


3 thoughts on “Who Is John Zaffis, anyway…?

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  2. Ms.Helen B. McDaniel

    I am a really open minded person body & spirit and I have really enjoyed the first episodes of “Haunted Collector” and looking forward for of them. Thanks for finally having a show worth having that is true because I believe.



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