News: John Zaffis at SUNY

latest news about John Zaffis, the haunted collector‘Tis the season to go ghost hunting!

Here’s a great article about John Zaffis, the Haunted Collector:

Ghostbuster: Paranormal expert communicates with dead, coordinates ghost hunt (October 16, 2011)

From that article:

“In the middle of Oakwood cemetery, John Zaffis stood surrounded by a group of more than 40 students from Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF. Zaffis, a nationally recognized ghost hunter, was trying to communicate with spirits that inhabited the cemetery.

The ghost hunter used an AM/FM radio, otherwise known as a ghost box, to scan over white noise static, which ghosts can communicate through, Zaffis said.

“Can you tell me how many spirits are here with us?” Zaffis called into the darkness. The students waited in complete silence, listening for a response through the ghost box.

“Seven,” a voice through the radio said…

Read more of that article

I’ve heard John successfully talk with ghosts using a “Shack Hack,” even when others weren’t getting good results.  So, I think contact isn’t just about the device, but the person who’s doing the talking.

Do communication skills improve with experience? That seems logical.  Are some people simply more adept at communicating with ghosts?  That could be true, too.

As this news story demonstrates, John Zaffis (of the Haunted Collector TV series) is someone who can contact ghosts and get real-time replies from them.


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