Haunted Collector – Good, honest investigating

haunted collector uses baby powder for ghost huntingThe Haunted Collector TV series is earning respect as one of the best shows featuring “old school” ghost investigating techniques as well as honest ghost investigators.

If you’ve watched many ghost “reality” shows on TV, you’ve seen a few obvious mistakes, but few shows own up to them.

Haunted Collector is one of the few paranormal and ghost shows that says, “Oops!”

For that, it’s earning respect and it’s used as a reference when talking about what’s real in ghost hunting, and what might not be.

So, we liked seeing this article that mentions the Haunted Collector TV show and the use of powder to detect ghostly footsteps or movement.

Investigators claim ghost haunts East Coast Park | The Occult Section


of Haunted Collector last season on SyFy (I say last season because it was renewed for a new season) and Chris Zaffis (the son of John Zaffis) actually stepped in the powder that was put down by Brian J. Cano.

Tips for ghost hunters:

  • Before using powder during your ghost research, use a candle to see if there are any natural breezes or gusts.  If the wind might possibly move the powder, don’t waste your time putting powder on any surface.
  • If you are using powder, the first choice is plain baby powder.  That’s because it’s usually a finer grain than, say, cornstarch or flour.  Baby powder is far easier to disturb, so it’s more sensitive to ghostly activity.
  • The second best choice is pure cornstarch, sold in the baking supplies aisle of the grocery store.
  • If you must use flour for ghost hunting, look for something described as pastry flour or granulated flour.
  • Never use any kind of sugar. It will stick together (and to the surface its on) if there’s any humidity.
  • You can often find baby powder and cornstarch at “dollar” stores (or pound stores), sometimes in large containers.
  • Do not sweep up baby powder to reuse.  The reason it works as baby powder is that it absorbs moisture.  Once it absorbs moisture, it’s heavier and less likely to produce results in haunted locations.
  • However, do sweep it up — and dispose of it — after your investigation.  Don’t leave a mess for the site owner or the next investigating team.

We’re glad to see the Haunted Collector TV show being recognized for good, honest investigating and “old school” ghost hunting techniques.


8 thoughts on “Haunted Collector – Good, honest investigating

  1. Debra Kuhn

    Has Haunted Collector been renewed? I really hope so. I for one, lobbied for it on line and sent in a post card. I adored this show!


    1. admin

      It’s been renewed for a full second season. Look for it in late spring 2012. (We’re guessing around May.)

      Thanks for your help. We know it made a difference!


  2. Debra Kuhn

    Can anyone tell me if the first season has come out on DVD? I Will be the first to buy it! If it has, please tell me where and how!


  3. brianna medlock

    Hi, i just wanted to say that why are ghost so in power when you have found their thing in a house? And I loved your show i have lot’s of your show’s. All the helpful thing you have showed us the poeple plese keep all the thing you are helping poeple with john and your team.


  4. Nan Scarborough

    Love this show. Down to earth and natural. No over exaggerations or thinking everything is a ghost. I am a collector of antiques and didn’t realize that things can attach themselves until a few years back I had an experience with an old piece. After watching my first Haunted Collector it was like a weight lifted. Helped to understand what was going on.



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