Weird Experiences at Penn College

lightWe’ve seen many presentations by John Zaffis, TV’s “Haunted Collector,” but what happened when he spoke at Penn State sounds pretty strange to us.

However, we found it pretty comforting when he explained, “Of the thousand of cases, probably only a hundred were true possessions.”

It’s another reminder that John Zaffis is one of the most calm, level-headed paranormal investigators.

He uses caution where it’s needed.  We’ve seen that on his TV show, Syfy’s Haunted Collector.

However, we’ve also seen his humor and very normal — not hysterical — way of investigating “haunted” sites that have reports of ghosts.  Until he hears a convincing story or witnesses activity himself, he’s not impressed.  In fact, sometimes he’s one of the most adamant skeptics.  He’s usually the quiet one on any investigation, because he’s observing and evaluating what’s going on with the living and the spirits.

So, we especially liked this article about John Zaffis’ recent presentation at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Here’s the article. Click on it to read more.

Demonologist visits Penn College – Williamsport Sun-Gazette

Demonologist visits Penn CollegeWilliamsport Sun-GazetteJohn Zaffis, a demonologist and star of Syfy’s “Haunted Collector,” had to repeatedly stop his tales of the paranormal because as he spoke in Klump Academic Center Auditorium at the Pennsylvania …

We’re not sure if Klump Academic Center is haunted — John Zaffis may have been joking when he suggested it may have a ghost — but we’ve never visited a college that didn’t have a few ghost stories.


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