John Zaffis, Shadow People, and Exorcisms

Shadow people ?Many people associate John Zaffis with his popular TV series, Haunted Collector.

However, in the paranormal field, more people know John Zaffis for his years of work in the field of demonology.

There’s a gray area between demons, shadow people, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomena.  I’m not sure researchers have defined that yet.

The following article is about shadow people. It’s an interesting discussion, and — in one part of the article — John Zaffis’s work with exorcisms is mentioned.

SHADOW PEOPLE: My Theories on the Shadow World « Diabolical


The Egyptians believed that during the preservation of the body, as well as the soul, and the below excerpt is taken from the Wikipedia page pertaining to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which can be located here: Finally, the shut, or shadow …..John Zaffis had to step in, and use his contacts with the clergy in order to more or less abduct Stacey long enough for her to agree to the major exorcism, and have the demonic entities evicted from her body. I have managed to

Also, I’m not sure if this next article is lighter or more serious.  While looking for news about John Zaffis and the Haunted Collector team, I found a silly photo parodying John’s wardrobe.

(Scroll down about 2/3, to the “Words of advice” section, and look for the photo of two guys in sweaters.)

Extremely Honest: A Conversation With Jason Gowin | Who Forted


It was definitely one of the most talked about televisions shows within the paranormal community. It spawned protests, petitions signed by people like John Zaffis himself, and even Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters fame had to

Continuing my ramble around the interwebs, I found a weird old article about Zozo.  Not sure what to think of it, but Haunted Collector star John Zaffis is mentioned in the article.

ZoZo the Ouija Spirit: Clues found in rare spirit boards


However, it’s important to separate the lists of fictional demons from those with an actual, documented history in real life and actual events. Repeated Zozo shows up in spooky old Virginia display case? ….. A couple of days later we used it again and the same spirit came through, this time it was telling me I should start writing a book about a boy who was kidnapped and has never been found. ….John Zaffis is perhaps the only demonologist that has to my knowledge.



2 thoughts on “John Zaffis, Shadow People, and Exorcisms

  1. Wendy Sells

    John Hi my name is Wendy Sells and I have a question for you? do you and your team really believe in ghosts. because I sure would like to know very much because at nights I can not even get any sleep at all even when my father (Ray Sells) passed away I just can not get any sleep at all John and with your team I wish them and even with you John I also wish you good luck in the future John along with your Daughter as well from Wendy Sells



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