Haunted Collector Team at Dragon Con

It’s rare to be able to meet the cast of the Haunted Collector TV show.  If you were at Dragon Con 2011, you were very lucky.  You had that unusual opportunity.

This article highlights some of what Haunted Collector cast members talked about during the four-day conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Haunted Collector” star John Zaffis brings his family of investigators


Paranormal Legend John Zaffis Discusses “Haunted Collector” at 2011 Dragon Con.

That article (and the Dragon Con 2011 panel presentations) answered a lot of questions we get here, at the Haunted Collector fan website.  Here’s one quote from Dragon Con:

John Zaffis said, “We do bindings and prayers over the items before they get put into the barn.

“I also had a lot of things done to the barn when it was being built to secure it, such as putting crystals into the foundation.  The contractors thought I was nuts!”

John also talked about other things he and his son, Chris Zaffis, do to seal the building and keep negative, ghostly, and demonic energy from affecting others.

Later, John commented about the most haunted items the Haunted Collector team sees: Dolls.  John said, “Dolls and clowns are probably the creepiest items we get.”

Here at the Haunted Collector fan site, we’re glad John and his team deal with those items.  We’re happy enough to see them from the safety of our side of the TV screen.


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