John Zaffis Demonstrates Ghost Box

Haunted Collector John Zaffis using a Ghost Box

John Zaffis – TV’s Haunted Collector – uses a Ghost Box

John Zaffis, star of the Haunted Collector TV series, has a knack for communicating with spirits.

Maybe he’s good at knowing where to go to contact ghosts. Maybe he attracts them.  Maybe they’re looking for him.  That could be good or bad.

Or, maybe John Zaffis is the Haunted Collector just because he pays attention to spirits and listens to them more than other people do.   Like the living, ghosts probably spend more time talking to people who listen.

In this Halloween 2011 video, John Zaffis demonstrates how a “ghost box” (like a “Shack Hack”) works.

The recording quality isn’t great.  Even if you were there, it might be difficult to understand what the spirits were saying.

However, if you haven’t seen John Zaffis work with a real-time ghost communications device, this video may interest you.

If you liked that, here’s another, older video of John Zaffis using a Ghost Box.  This one was filmed at Eastern State Penitentiary.


One thought on “John Zaffis Demonstrates Ghost Box

  1. Maureen

    Love your show John and thanks removing and helping the “lost”
    I was wondering what specific white noise equipment when trying to communicate with people who have crossed over?
    Also, do you and your team say any prayers or in vision a white light around the building you are going to be investigating?
    Thanks again and be safe.
    Maureen from Batavia, NY



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