Like Haunted Collector? More Paranormal Museums

Paranormal museums contain creepy objectsMany friends and fans of the Haunted Collector TV show tell us they’re interested in John Zaffis’ museum, but — as we understand it, anyway — that museum isn’t exactly open to the public, right now.

We’ve already talked about the Warrens’ Occult Museum, which is similar to John’s collection, and very creepy.

Now, Catie Rhodes has put together an interesting list of paranormal museums, including John’s.  Though it’s not a complete list of paranormal and ghost-related museums, it’s a good starting point if you’d like to tour some of America’s eeriest museums.

Paranormal Museums | Catie Rhodes


Several months ago, I saw an episode of The Haunted Collector. The premise of the show is fairly simple. John Zaffis and his crew investigate haunted locations with a focus on haunted items. At the end of the episode I saw,

In addition to that great list, we know that Louisiana’s haunted Houmas House also contains haunted objects.  Their real, 19th century vampire hunter kit is the tip of the iceberg.  Houmas House is open for tours, and sometimes ghost-related events.

If you know about more paranormal museums, or if you’ve visited a museum that seems to have haunted objects, leave a comment below.  We’d love to hear about more of them!


2 thoughts on “Like Haunted Collector? More Paranormal Museums

  1. amanda martinez

    I thought this show was much better than all other of the paranormal shows I’ve seen…. good job guys and may GOD bless you all


  2. Bonnita Huss

    Will be in Bridgeport Ct. the end ofJune. Would like to go through museum. Have watch last season, and will watch new season. Saw you with Zack on Ghost Adventures at the Remington Arms.



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