John Zaffis, Jeff Belanger, and Haunted Objects

Join Jeff Belanger for 30 Odd Minutes with John Zaffis, as they talk about haunted objects.

Recorded in November 2010, we’re not sure how this one slipped beneath our radar, but here’s the link anyway.

Jeff Belanger » Episode 50 – Haunted Objects with John Zaffis


In Episode 50 we talk haunted objects with demonologist and paranormal investigator John Zaffis. Zaffis has been investigating the paranormal for over 35 years. He got his start working with his aunt and uncle, renowned

Jeff is almost always a kidder, but in this episode, he and John discuss demonology and other dark topics from the paranormal world.

John talks about his spiritual and paranormal family roots on both sides of his family.

Talking about demonology, John stresses the importance of ruling out normal and medical causes for what looks like a possession or demon attack.

Then, John and Jeff discuss haunted objects, from Grandma’s jewelry to ritual objects, and why those objects can hold ghostly (or demonic) energy.  John displays some haunted objects he brought to the 30 Odd Minutes studio, and even Jeff admits he’s a little creeped out by them.

It’s a good interview, worth watching for 30 Odd Minutes.

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