Haunted Collector – Season 2

LightningThe Haunted Collector TV series returned in June 2012.

We expected…

  • More chilling episodes.
  • More history of the objects and why each one is haunted.
  • Investigations in even more creepy and interesting places across the U.S.

Visit Syfy for a brief preview video! (Not sure if they’ve kept the video online. They seemed to be in a hurry to abandon this great series once they grew tired of it.)

4 thoughts on “Haunted Collector – Season 2

  1. Ann Newman

    I recently watched June 20, 2012 episode on Haunted Villa:Jordan Springs, Warwick, New York. The section of the Billiard room with John and Amy talking to the client about the Monk Plates. I noticed a small orb behind John’s back. It drops down half way toward the table and then disappears. I’m curious if this segment was reviewed and if it is indeed an orb or just a piece of dust. I am a big fan of your show and hope to hear from you soon….


  2. Jennifer

    Anyone else think the wilting flowers was faked? It looked totally fake to me. Flowers don’t wilt like that. If a stem wilts it gradually bends over in a curve. The blossom droops downward and the whole thing looks like an upsidedown J. The flowers on the show looked like the stems had been broken just below the rim of the vase. The stems were still straight above the part where they were bent or broken. This is not wilting. This is not withering. And I don’t think “wiltering” is a word (they used that on the show).
    I’d like to see the Fact or Faked team debunk that time lapse “wiltering” video. I bet they could do it.


    1. C.J.

      If those tulips had no water they could easily wilt as fast as that.If we get supermarket flowers,the tulips do just droop before your eyes.Nothing paranormal about it.


  3. Cassandra Moreau

    In Haunted Collector season 2 in West Virginia at the haunted mental hospital. In the boiler room before they found the shock system, they showed a video when the baby monitor is emitting strange noises. If you look in the right top hand corner you can see some kind of form appear then disappear. If you were to draw a line from that corner to the left bottom corner, you can see it appear again.



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