Haunted Collector Cancelled by Syfy

screaming-girlSyfy cancels Haunted Collector TV show.

A comment from the webmaster:

As John Zaffis’ Halloween tweet said, the Haunted Collector show has been cancelled by Syfy.

At Halloween, John’s tweet said, “”hi all just letting you know haunted collector will not be coming back sorry to all our fans.”

On one level, I’m really disappointed. Thanks to the cast, Haunted Collector was one of the few ghost-related TV shows that maintained a reasonable level of integrity in the ratings-driven entertainment field.

The loss of this show is significant.  Many fans — including me — are not happy.  We’re angry with the production company and the network.

Other networks — including PBS, CW, and more — have been busy, getting larger audiences for their shows via Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc.  It looks like Syfy is behind the times.  It’s been MIA in the digital TV revolution. That’s kind of ironic, given the theme of the network.

That makes the cancellation of Haunted Collector even more annoying.  The network and the production company could have made better choices.

For more insights, read Brian Cano’s blog post about the cancellation.  It’s especially disappointing to see how the cast got the news.

Seriously, getting a show cancellation notice by email is even more sleazy than ending a romance by email.  I’m sure less professional things happen in Hollywood, but this is a vile reflection on those in charge of producing the show.

So, you’ll see this website transform over the coming weeks. (In the interim, it may look kind of disorganized.) I’m shifting the focus to the careers of the stars of Haunted Collector.  I’ve known John and Brian for years, and I’m confident they have great adventures ahead.

I hope you’ll continue to follow the cast of Haunted Collector as they move on to better projects.

Like you, I wish each of them great success with whatever they do, next.

7 thoughts on “Haunted Collector Cancelled by Syfy

  1. Rebecca Graziano

    John and Crew, I just wanted you to know your show was cancelled with no class to email your team “shows syfy” had mo class! You will be missed,I wrote to syfy letting them know,they made a Hugh mistake. I hope to see another pick your show up
    Thanks for all the great shows done with”class”.. Miss you all. Happy Holidays I will pray for your return.


  2. Aja

    Boo to the network, watching your shows was what me and my daughter do together, it was “our thing”. You helped so many people finding what was haunting them and then properly cleansed either an item or the location. I grew up in a large family. My grandmother comes from an Indian background and is psychic. She raised us to be open with our surroundings but to keep God’s love and light all around us. I am 33 both of my children see and feel spirits. We loved watching your show it let them see that others share their gifts and that it was ok. Everything thing does happen for a reason however breaking up with you through a text/email is weak on their part that’s so teenage male of them!!!!!!! May a bigger and better network pick you up and show them that you deserve to move only forward and up in the world. Love you guys, Aja(Asia) H.


  3. Tammy Campbell

    John and Crew,
    I hate that the show was cancelled my husband and I watched and recorded every show. I wish they would bring you all back and continue on , but if not may The Lord bless you in your work and life.


  4. William Robinson

    Why does SyFy keep canceling all the good paranormal shows?
    What happened to Fact Or Faked, Destination Truth, Ghost Hunters International??
    The only thing the network wants to air anymore are fake rubber monster movies.


  5. Constance Mitchell

    I really am so disappointed that syfy canceled your show . I hope another network will pick up the show. The syfy network has seriously lost their ratings !! I looked forward to Wed nights ghost hunters, paranormal witness, haunted collector but now they have nothing !!! Very BAD choices Syfy !!!


  6. Gen

    I was wondering what happened to this show I loved it. I’m sad it was cancelled I kept trying to find it on tv now I know why it’s not on:(


  7. Karen

    I loved Haunted Collector! What a bummer. SyFy is terrible taking all the good shows off and replacing them with bad. Their loss! Maybe the Travel channel can pick up some of these good shows, wouldn’t that be great!



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