Articles about John Zaffis, Brian Cano – Atlas Obscura, Examiner, and more

Looking for Haunted Collector cast updates around the web, here’s what I found:

Haunted Maxcy gets Hunted for Ghosts (6 November 2013)

This article describes an investigation and presentation by Brian J. Cano and Chris Mancuso at Maxcy Hall at the University of New Haven.

“Cano and Mancuso spoke about their experiences with the different types of tools, and how situations differed from one location to another. They discussed the most haunted locations they’ve been to, and weren’t hesitant to mention ghost-hunting experiences that didn’t work as planned. Some locations simply didn’t result in the evidence that they had hoped for, but as Cano says, “If it made you think about things you didn’t before, then it was successful’.”

Ghost Stories Told in Waverly (20 October 2013)

Great article describing a presentation and investigation with Brian J. Cano, Chris Mancuso, and Jason Gowin.  Worth noting, at the end of the article:

“The crew then began to leave, but not before taking some unconventional precautions. To ensure the spirit didn’t attach itself, Mancuso, no longer the skeptic he thought he was, imagined himself surrounded in white light as he backed away.”

mirror-antiqueOld mirrors may harbor spirits, says John Zaffis, at (25 April 2013)

This article is at a website with annoying pop-up ads that froze my browser. So, here’s the crux of the information, from that site:

“According to Zaffis, this is more common with old mirrors. Because the reflective layer of the mirror was painted on, there is a gap between the two layers. Spirits, he says, can get trapped between the two layers of the mirror and be unable to move on.”  [Link]

That seems to be true. Among well-known haunted mirrors are old mirrors at the Myrtles Plantation (LA), Driskill Hotel (Austin, TX), Hollis Historical Society (Hollis, MA), and many university rest room mirrors connected with the “Bloody Mary” legend.

To learn more about haunted mirrors, see The Mystery Behind Mirrors.  It’s good reading.

Photos from John’s Museum of the Paranormal, at Atlas Obscura

“The collection contains artifacts from all over the world and run the gamut from innocuous artifacts such as a china set and a painting of a clown on velvet to more sinister-looking items, like tribal masks and a ventriloquist dummy…” [Link]

The Bizarre Science Behind Your Favorite Horror Films, at PolyMic, references John in an article.

This article talks about the “haunting” case in Connecticut and quotes John Zaffis about demonic possession and paralysis. Unfortunately, the article author then attributes all paranormal paralysis to the very normal phenomenon of sleep paralysis.

It’s important to eliminate simple sleep paralysis in these cases. However, it’s dangerous to attribute all such symptoms to abruptly interrupted REM sleep.   Facile dismissal of alarming symptoms is one reason many demonic cases aren’t identified early enough.

What Scares John Zaffis?, at Geek Nation

This isn’t what it sounds like. In fact, I didn’t see anything in this article that actually frightens John.  However, it’s a good interview from 2012 and worth re-reading.  It reinforces John’s views and what he tried to convey in the TV series.  (But, as we all know, down-to-earth sensibility isn’t as exciting as TV shows think they need to hold viewers’ interest.) [Link]

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