This is an UNofficial website for fans of the former Syfy series, Haunted Collector.

This site began before the first episode aired, and we’re planning to remain online.  We’re still enthusiastic about the stars of the show, and eager to see where their careers lead them, next.

Our articles are about the cast of Haunted Collector, and the locations where it was filmed. We also write about ghosts, haunted objects, haunted places, and John Zaffis’ work in this field.

For official pages about the show and its cast members, see Haunted Collector at Syfy and John Zaffis.  Most of them have Facebook accounts, or fans have created fan pages about them.

Also see the blog of cast member Brian Cano, and Brian’s Twitter updates.  (Other, related Twitter accounts:  John Zaffis, Aimee Zaffis, and Chris Zaffis.)