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John Zaffis - Museum of the ParanormalJohn Zaffis is the real haunted collector. Through 2013, John was the star of the Syfy show Haunted Collector.

Here’s his biography, edited and expanded from the Wikipedia entry.

(Note: His childhood information seems to come from the 2008 book, Ghost Hunters of New England.)

John Zaffis is a paranormal researcher born and based in Connecticut, United States. He runs the Paranormal and Demonology Research Society of New England, which he founded in 1998.

Personal life

Zaffis has over thirty years of experience as a paranormal investigator.

Zaffis admits that he was initially skeptical that ghosts existed. Then, when he was sixteen, a transparent apparition appeared at the foot of his bed.  The male figure was shaking its head back and forth.

When John told his mother what he’d seen, she explained that his late grandfather, when he was upset, always shook his head.

Zaffis’ grandmother, who lived with him, died just a few days later. This unusual incident piqued John’s interest in the paranormal.  After that, John began to research the subject, talking with experts and reading about the paranormal.

John was fortunate.  His uncle and aunt were Ed and Lorraine Warren, and both had many years of experience as paranormal researchers and demonologists.  That took John to his next area of interest: Demons and demonology.

After that, John became involved with cases of spirit possession and exorcism.  Thanks to his growing personal credentials and networking connections, he was able to work with, and learn from, some of the world’s most  prominent exorcists.

He has studied the related work of Roman Catholic priests, monks, Protestant ministers, rabbis, and Buddhists.   John has also assisted well-known exorcists like Bishop Robert McKenna, Malachi Martin, and Reverend Jun.


John has a background in engineering.  His “day job” was in the field of quality control engineering. That supported Zaffis and his family while he dedicated his nights and weekends to cases involving demons.

That engineering background has also helped John scientifically evaluate and document the paranormal cases he’s worked on.

Paranormal research has taken Zaffis all over the United States, Canada and the U.K.

He’s also a popular lecturer, appearing at colleges and universities, as well as conferences and paranormal events.

Zaffis currently runs the Museum of the Paranormal located in Stratford, Connecticut. He also starred in and wrote the documentary film Museum of the Paranormal, which was released in spring 2010 and produced by New Gravity Media.

A second 2010 documentary film, based on John’s work and personal life, was called John Zaffis: The World Within. It was produced by CORE Films, best known for their work with the paranormal documentary series Scared!

Media appearances

Zaffis has appeared on many TV shows including Unsolved Mysteries, Fox News Live.  He’s also been featured in the Discovery Channel documentaries Little Lost Souls (2003) and A Haunting in Connecticut. (Note: This is different from the fictionalized movie — based on the same story — called The Haunting in Connecticut.)

John appeared on two 2005 episodes of the “Ghost Hunters” TV series featuring Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.

Zaffis was also in the October 2007  “Ghost Hunter” episode in the series, A Haunting.  That episode covered the demonic possession of  his protege, after the teen used dowsing rods.  In some of the dramatizations, Zaffis was portrayed by actor Robert Neal Marshall.

In the 2008 docudrama The Possessed, he plays himself as the demonologist.

John revisited the subject of the famous haunting in Connecticut when, in 2009, when he appeared in the short documentary, The Fear is Real:  Reinvestigating the Haunting (in Connecticut).

He was also in a second 2009 documentary, Haunted Kentucky: Spirits of the Bluegrass.

In 2009, John appeared in several TV series. He was interviewed in the 2009 Ghost Adventures episode at the Remington Arms factory. He was also a guest star in that year’s Scared! episode filmed at the Grand Midway Hotel.

John Zaffis is also a popular radio personality.

Between 2005 and 2007, he appeared six times on the radio program Coast to Coast AM.

During part of 2010, John co-hosted the Paranormal Nights radio show with Brendan Keenan.

He’s also been a recurring guest and co-host on the Beyond Reality radio program hosted by The Atlantic Paranormal Society’s Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.

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