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Articles about John Zaffis, Brian Cano – Atlas Obscura, Examiner, and more

Looking for Haunted Collector cast updates around the web, here’s what I found:

Haunted Maxcy gets Hunted for Ghosts (6 November 2013)

This article describes an investigation and presentation by Brian J. Cano and Chris Mancuso at Maxcy Hall at the University of New Haven.

“Cano and Mancuso spoke about their experiences with the different types of tools, and how situations differed from one location to another. They discussed the most haunted locations they’ve been to, and weren’t hesitant to mention ghost-hunting experiences that didn’t work as planned. Some locations simply didn’t result in the evidence that they had hoped for, but as Cano says, “If it made you think about things you didn’t before, then it was successful’.”

Ghost Stories Told in Waverly (20 October 2013)

Great article describing a presentation and investigation with Brian J. Cano, Chris Mancuso, and Jason Gowin.  Worth noting, at the end of the article:

“The crew then began to leave, but not before taking some unconventional precautions. To ensure the spirit didn’t attach itself, Mancuso, no longer the skeptic he thought he was, imagined himself surrounded in white light as he backed away.”

mirror-antiqueOld mirrors may harbor spirits, says John Zaffis, at (25 April 2013)

This article is at a website with annoying pop-up ads that froze my browser. So, here’s the crux of the information, from that site:

“According to Zaffis, this is more common with old mirrors. Because the reflective layer of the mirror was painted on, there is a gap between the two layers. Spirits, he says, can get trapped between the two layers of the mirror and be unable to move on.”  [Link]

That seems to be true. Among well-known haunted mirrors are old mirrors at the Myrtles Plantation (LA), Driskill Hotel (Austin, TX), Hollis Historical Society (Hollis, MA), and many university rest room mirrors connected with the “Bloody Mary” legend.

To learn more about haunted mirrors, see The Mystery Behind Mirrors.  It’s good reading.

Photos from John’s Museum of the Paranormal, at Atlas Obscura

“The collection contains artifacts from all over the world and run the gamut from innocuous artifacts such as a china set and a painting of a clown on velvet to more sinister-looking items, like tribal masks and a ventriloquist dummy…” [Link]

The Bizarre Science Behind Your Favorite Horror Films, at PolyMic, references John in an article.

This article talks about the “haunting” case in Connecticut and quotes John Zaffis about demonic possession and paralysis. Unfortunately, the article author then attributes all paranormal paralysis to the very normal phenomenon of sleep paralysis.

It’s important to eliminate simple sleep paralysis in these cases. However, it’s dangerous to attribute all such symptoms to abruptly interrupted REM sleep.   Facile dismissal of alarming symptoms is one reason many demonic cases aren’t identified early enough.

What Scares John Zaffis?, at Geek Nation

This isn’t what it sounds like. In fact, I didn’t see anything in this article that actually frightens John.  However, it’s a good interview from 2012 and worth re-reading.  It reinforces John’s views and what he tried to convey in the TV series.  (But, as we all know, down-to-earth sensibility isn’t as exciting as TV shows think they need to hold viewers’ interest.) [Link]

John Zaffis on George Noury’s Coast-to-Coast AM Show

radioJohn Zaffis has appeared on George Noury’s Coast-to-Coast AM radio show many times. You can see the full list of shows at the Coast-to-Coast website:

John Zaffis – Guests – Coast to Coast AM

Here’s one of John’s most recent recordings from the show:

Demonology & Haunted Objects (22 Aug 2013)

Also, be sure to see some of the photos John shared. They’re creepy, haunted objects from his museum.  Here’s the link: John Zaffis: Haunted Objects.

John Zaffis, Jeff Belanger, and Haunted Objects

Join Jeff Belanger for 30 Odd Minutes with John Zaffis, as they talk about haunted objects.

Recorded in November 2010, we’re not sure how this one slipped beneath our radar, but here’s the link anyway.

Jeff Belanger » Episode 50 – Haunted Objects with John Zaffis


In Episode 50 we talk haunted objects with demonologist and paranormal investigator John Zaffis. Zaffis has been investigating the paranormal for over 35 years. He got his start working with his aunt and uncle, renowned

Jeff is almost always a kidder, but in this episode, he and John discuss demonology and other dark topics from the paranormal world.

John talks about his spiritual and paranormal family roots on both sides of his family.

Talking about demonology, John stresses the importance of ruling out normal and medical causes for what looks like a possession or demon attack.

Then, John and Jeff discuss haunted objects, from Grandma’s jewelry to ritual objects, and why those objects can hold ghostly (or demonic) energy.  John displays some haunted objects he brought to the 30 Odd Minutes studio, and even Jeff admits he’s a little creeped out by them.

It’s a good interview, worth watching for 30 Odd Minutes.

John Zaffis at Morrisville State College – Oct 2011

autumn leavesJohn Zaffis, star of the Haunted Collector TV series, often speaks at colleges.  He explains the different kinds of paranormal research he does.

Sometimes, he also conducts ghost investigations.

In October 2011, John Zaffis visited New York’s Morrisville State College.

His presentation was documented, and it’s available in two video segments at YouTube.

Here’s part 1:

Here’s part 2:

John Zaffis Demonstrates Ghost Box

Haunted Collector John Zaffis using a Ghost Box

John Zaffis – TV’s Haunted Collector – uses a Ghost Box

John Zaffis, star of the Haunted Collector TV series, has a knack for communicating with spirits.

Maybe he’s good at knowing where to go to contact ghosts. Maybe he attracts them.  Maybe they’re looking for him.  That could be good or bad.

Or, maybe John Zaffis is the Haunted Collector just because he pays attention to spirits and listens to them more than other people do.   Like the living, ghosts probably spend more time talking to people who listen.

In this Halloween 2011 video, John Zaffis demonstrates how a “ghost box” (like a “Shack Hack”) works.

The recording quality isn’t great.  Even if you were there, it might be difficult to understand what the spirits were saying.

However, if you haven’t seen John Zaffis work with a real-time ghost communications device, this video may interest you.

If you liked that, here’s another, older video of John Zaffis using a Ghost Box.  This one was filmed at Eastern State Penitentiary.

Haunted Collector Team at Dragon Con

It’s rare to be able to meet the cast of the Haunted Collector TV show.  If you were at Dragon Con 2011, you were very lucky.  You had that unusual opportunity.

This article highlights some of what Haunted Collector cast members talked about during the four-day conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Haunted Collector” star John Zaffis brings his family of investigators


Paranormal Legend John Zaffis Discusses “Haunted Collector” at 2011 Dragon Con.

That article (and the Dragon Con 2011 panel presentations) answered a lot of questions we get here, at the Haunted Collector fan website.  Here’s one quote from Dragon Con:

John Zaffis said, “We do bindings and prayers over the items before they get put into the barn.

“I also had a lot of things done to the barn when it was being built to secure it, such as putting crystals into the foundation.  The contractors thought I was nuts!”

John also talked about other things he and his son, Chris Zaffis, do to seal the building and keep negative, ghostly, and demonic energy from affecting others.

Later, John commented about the most haunted items the Haunted Collector team sees: Dolls.  John said, “Dolls and clowns are probably the creepiest items we get.”

Here at the Haunted Collector fan site, we’re glad John and his team deal with those items.  We’re happy enough to see them from the safety of our side of the TV screen.

John Zaffis, Shadow People, and Exorcisms

Shadow people ?Many people associate John Zaffis with his popular TV series, Haunted Collector.

However, in the paranormal field, more people know John Zaffis for his years of work in the field of demonology.

There’s a gray area between demons, shadow people, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomena.  I’m not sure researchers have defined that yet.

The following article is about shadow people. It’s an interesting discussion, and — in one part of the article — John Zaffis’s work with exorcisms is mentioned.

SHADOW PEOPLE: My Theories on the Shadow World « Diabolical


The Egyptians believed that during the preservation of the body, as well as the soul, and the below excerpt is taken from the Wikipedia page pertaining to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which can be located here: Finally, the shut, or shadow …..John Zaffis had to step in, and use his contacts with the clergy in order to more or less abduct Stacey long enough for her to agree to the major exorcism, and have the demonic entities evicted from her body. I have managed to

Also, I’m not sure if this next article is lighter or more serious.  While looking for news about John Zaffis and the Haunted Collector team, I found a silly photo parodying John’s wardrobe.

(Scroll down about 2/3, to the “Words of advice” section, and look for the photo of two guys in sweaters.)

Extremely Honest: A Conversation With Jason Gowin | Who Forted


It was definitely one of the most talked about televisions shows within the paranormal community. It spawned protests, petitions signed by people like John Zaffis himself, and even Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters fame had to

Continuing my ramble around the interwebs, I found a weird old article about Zozo.  Not sure what to think of it, but Haunted Collector star John Zaffis is mentioned in the article.

ZoZo the Ouija Spirit: Clues found in rare spirit boards


However, it’s important to separate the lists of fictional demons from those with an actual, documented history in real life and actual events. Repeated Zozo shows up in spooky old Virginia display case? ….. A couple of days later we used it again and the same spirit came through, this time it was telling me I should start writing a book about a boy who was kidnapped and has never been found. ….John Zaffis is perhaps the only demonologist that has to my knowledge.