The following questions are most asked at this website.  Here are our responses:

1. Is the Haunted Collector really cancelled by Syfy and Gurney Productions?

Yes, the show was cancelled as of Halloween 2013.  See Brian Cano’s blog post for more information about the shabby way the cast were notified.

Frankly, I think it was a very shabby way for Syfy to treat them.

2. I have a haunted house/object. How do I contact John?

There are several ways to contact John Zaffis, and they’re listed at http://JohnZaffis.com.

If the situation is frightening, do not rely on this website as a resource.  Contact John Zaffis directly, or speak with someone in your spiritual community about reliable help.

3. I have a haunted object.  Is it okay to burn it?

No. Don’t burn it. That can make things worse.

Don’t donate it to a local charity, or try to get rich from it on eBay.  Not only is the karma likely to come back and bite you… these objects have a way of showing up again when you least expect to see them.

Bury the object, if you want to get it out of your home. Then, find someone who is a real expert in this kind of issue — someone like John Zaffis, or a member of your local religious community — to help you deal with it.

4. Aren’t those objects dangerous?  What precautions does John take, storing objects in the haunted museum?

The negative energy and spirit connections are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

John talks about how he deals with haunted objects, “the barn behind the barn,” and the extreme precautions he took when he designed the museum building, in the documentary The World Within.

5. Does John pay people for the objects he takes?

This question is answered in depth in our article, Haunted Collector: Bringing Peace or Taking Property?

When John takes an object out of a home or business, it’s only at the insistence of the client. If the client wants the object back, John returns it immediately.

John doesn’t sell the objects.

6. How can I visit John’s museum?  How can I visit the museum created by Ed & Lorraine Warren?

For more information about John’s museum, visit John Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal (http://www.johnzaffisparanormalmuseum.com/)

For information about the Warrens’ Occult Museum, read more at New England Society for Psychic Research’s page about Occult Museum Tours (http://www.warrens.net/Occult-Museum-Tours.html ) or at the Facebook page about the Warrens’ museum.

7. What’s your connection to John, the Haunted Collector show, or Syfy?

John Zaffis has been a real-life friend for over a dozen years.

However, this website was built without the knowledge or permission of John Zaffis, the Haunted Collector TV series, Gurney Productions, or Syfy.

This started as an independent fan website. I built it for fun as soon as I heard that John was going to star on a TV show.  John and the cast had no input or involvement with this website.

If you want to know the real John Zaffis (and Brian Cano, etc.), meet them.  They regularly appear at public events.

They’re different than they appeared on the TV show. Honestly, I was never thrilled with how they were edited when the Haunted Collector first aired.  The cast members I know are brighter, more interesting, and more well-grounded than they sometimes appeared in Haunted Collector episodes.