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Season Two of Haunted Collector – Filming Begins

The Haunted Collector show is filming Season Two.  Looks like the team will be on the road pretty close to the holidays.  With recent blizzards in the U.S., we hope their journeys are safe.

In Brian J. Cano’s new blog, we learned that the show has been filming at a Florida location.  Thanks to a WKTV (Utica, NY) news report, we learned that New York’s Hulbert House is also one of the Haunted Collector‘s investigation sites this season.


We found more info about Hulbert House online.

The Haunting of Hulbert House – CNY Paranormal – LITE 98.7


The Hulbert House was built in 1812 in Boonville, NY. Since it was built, Hulbert House has been active as an inn, and was at one time one of…

And this brief report:

Historical Sites in The Hulbert House 106 Main Street Boonville


We believe this site to be an active location

We also found this 10-minute video from a Hulbert House investigation by NNY Shadow Chasers.

What is it about places called Boonville?  We found references to hauntings in Boonville, Indiana and Boonville, Missouri, too.

Here’s an old video with an odd, ghostly figure in it, apparently filmed at a cemetery in Boonville, Indiana.  (One viewer mentioned Millersburg Cemetery “out by the local mines.”)

Watch that 1-minute video, then re-watch it, looking for what’s highlighted in slow motion at the end. (We spotted the figure at the tree before we got to the slo-mo section.  If that’s a real video, it’s pretty good.)

Then there are hauntings in places called Bonneville, including North Bonneville, Washington.  (Don’t get us started about the strange legends of the Bonneville Salt Flats between Utah and Nevada.)

We’ve heard rumors of ghosts in the ghost town of Caribou City, Bonneville County, Idaho.  Unlike many Idaho ghost towns, Caribou City has enough remains (one cabin but no roads) to make it a preservation issue.

That sounds too rural for any but the most intrepid ghost hunters, especially with no credible ghost stories yet.  We may have to wait for a “ghostly ghost towns” reality series.

But we digress.

We’re looking forward to Haunted Collector Season Two, and hope to have more updates about locations.

If you have additional information to share, leave a comment below.


John Zaffis at Morrisville State College – Oct 2011

autumn leavesJohn Zaffis, star of the Haunted Collector TV series, often speaks at colleges.  He explains the different kinds of paranormal research he does.

Sometimes, he also conducts ghost investigations.

In October 2011, John Zaffis visited New York’s Morrisville State College.

His presentation was documented, and it’s available in two video segments at YouTube.

Here’s part 1:

Here’s part 2: