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Season Two of Haunted Collector – Filming Begins

The Haunted Collector show is filming Season Two.  Looks like the team will be on the road pretty close to the holidays.  With recent blizzards in the U.S., we hope their journeys are safe.

In Brian J. Cano’s new blog, we learned that the show has been filming at a Florida location.  Thanks to a WKTV (Utica, NY) news report, we learned that New York’s Hulbert House is also one of the Haunted Collector‘s investigation sites this season.


We found more info about Hulbert House online.

The Haunting of Hulbert House – CNY Paranormal – LITE 98.7


The Hulbert House was built in 1812 in Boonville, NY. Since it was built, Hulbert House has been active as an inn, and was at one time one of…

And this brief report:

Historical Sites in The Hulbert House 106 Main Street Boonville


We believe this site to be an active location

We also found this 10-minute video from a Hulbert House investigation by NNY Shadow Chasers.

What is it about places called Boonville?  We found references to hauntings in Boonville, Indiana and Boonville, Missouri, too.

Here’s an old video with an odd, ghostly figure in it, apparently filmed at a cemetery in Boonville, Indiana.  (One viewer mentioned Millersburg Cemetery “out by the local mines.”)

Watch that 1-minute video, then re-watch it, looking for what’s highlighted in slow motion at the end. (We spotted the figure at the tree before we got to the slo-mo section.  If that’s a real video, it’s pretty good.)

Then there are hauntings in places called Bonneville, including North Bonneville, Washington.  (Don’t get us started about the strange legends of the Bonneville Salt Flats between Utah and Nevada.)

We’ve heard rumors of ghosts in the ghost town of Caribou City, Bonneville County, Idaho.  Unlike many Idaho ghost towns, Caribou City has enough remains (one cabin but no roads) to make it a preservation issue.

That sounds too rural for any but the most intrepid ghost hunters, especially with no credible ghost stories yet.  We may have to wait for a “ghostly ghost towns” reality series.

But we digress.

We’re looking forward to Haunted Collector Season Two, and hope to have more updates about locations.

If you have additional information to share, leave a comment below.


John Zaffis at Morrisville State College – Oct 2011

autumn leavesJohn Zaffis, star of the Haunted Collector TV series, often speaks at colleges.  He explains the different kinds of paranormal research he does.

Sometimes, he also conducts ghost investigations.

In October 2011, John Zaffis visited New York’s Morrisville State College.

His presentation was documented, and it’s available in two video segments at YouTube.

Here’s part 1:

Here’s part 2:

Who Is John Zaffis, anyway…?

Now and then, someone writes to us and it’s clear that they don’t realize who John Zaffis is.

That’s partly because John has kept a low profile.  He’s been too busy working in the paranormal field to take time for PR.

However, if you ask anyone who’s been a long-time or serious ghost or demon researcher, they’ll almost always speak of John with the highest respect.

I doubt if anyone knows more about dealing with ghosts, demons, or the nuances of haunted objects.  Even paranormal experts will often say, “I’m not sure. Get a second opinion from John Zaffis.”

This video features people you may recognize from their work in paranormal research.

If you’re not sure who John Zaffis is, and how important he is in the paranormal field, this will give you a better understanding of why he’s so respected.

A Haunting – The Possessed

John Zaffis is featured in this true story about a possession, re-enacted for the TV series, A Haunting.

The story is chilling.  I’d be far more comfortable with it, if it were fiction.

An experienced spiritual counselor, called in to investigate a barn, encounters something strange at the site.

Later, when she listens to the audio recording of what took place, a clear and menacing voice says something that rattles her to her soul.

After that, the situation turns extreme and terrifying for her and everyone close to her.

Nov 2011 update: The video link in our original article (below) was removed from YouTube. As usual, it was a copyright problem.

As of this update, you can see the full show at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6q7bpHwSpA  If it’s not there, search YouTube for “a haunting” and “john zaffis” and you may find another (temporary?) copy.

Part one:

[See this and the other videos in this series at

From the description at YouTube:

When innocent people are attacked by entities from the supernatural realm, they rely on paranormal investigators to protect them from the unknown. These investigators rely on their studies, their personal experiences and, in many cases, their piety, as they assume the risk of becoming haunted themselves.

Mary Vogel has been a spiritual counselor for ten years, but a recent encounter with the demonic forces her to question everything she knows and trusts. Violent nightmares invade her mind by day and unseen entities attack her body by night.

In the church, which was once a place of peace and comfort, feelings of revulsion overwhelm her. Deep in her own mind, a diabolical voice taunts her: “Your God can’t help you now”

John Zaffis, one of the world’s leading paranormal experts and Mary’s mentor, quickly realizes what is happening to her. The protector has become the possessed, and only an exorcism can save her soul.

(John Zaffis has been the star of the Syfy TV series, Haunted Collector.)

Webmaster’s note:

We had an unusual amount of trouble posting this video at The Haunted Collector. The code copied incorrectly, even as a cut-and-paste.  Even viewing this first segment of the show, our Flash player crashed, twice.

Keep that in mind if you find yourself in a situation where demonic activity is possible.  Even the slightest brush with this kind of entity can put you at risk, particularly if you’re vulnerable as Mary Vogel was, though she’s a seasoned professional.

Never treat this subject lightly.

Robert, the Haunted Doll

Is Robert a haunted doll or is it an evil spirit in a doll’s body?  Learn more in this Travel Channel video about one of America’s most haunted – or cursed – dolls.

“Robert the doll” was given to artist Robert Eugene Otto (1900 – 1947)  when he was a young boy. The doll was Eugene’s favorite companion and the doll always took the blame when it looked like Eugene had done something bad.

When Eugene grew up, he kept Robert with him and even gave Robert a room of his own.  However, Robert the doll didn’t like Eugene’s new wife, and the dolls scared children who saw him through the window.

Finally, when Eugene became ill, he locked himself in Robert’s room, and eventually died with Robert by his side.

Today, Robert is on display in the Fort East Martello Museum near Key West, Florida.  His story, explained in this video, is very strange.

I’m interested in the experiences of people who’ve visited John Zaffis’ Museum of the Paranormal. If you’ve been there several times, did you notice anything weird (weirder than being haunted) about the dolls?  Did any of them seem to move?

More Haunted Objects: The Warrens’ Occult Museum

Tour the Occult Museum of John Zaffis’ aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorriane Warren.  It’s sort of similar to their nephew’s Museum of the Paranormal… the one created by John Zaffis of the TV show, Haunted Collector.

The following video is an unscripted tour taking you past Ed Warren’s paintings of haunted places and into the Warrens’ occult museum which represents over 50 years of paranormal research.

In this very informal 2009 video, you’ll see some of the weird and scary objects collected by Ed and Lorraine Warren.  They became famous for their groundbreaking research at the “Amityville Horror” house.

Lorraine was also a regular guest on the Paranormal State TV series.

What’s especially chilling in this video is hearing the voice of the late Ed Warren talking about the paranormal.  This is where you’ll hear him describe haunted and cursed objects, saying, “To touch one of these items would be the opposite of touching something holy, something blessed…” and then he warns visitors not to reach beyond the yellow tape that protects people from the haunted objects.

[Or click here to see it at You Tube.]

I’m really not sure why people would want to collect haunted and cursed objects.  I’m not even certain I’d want to visit their museums, though — clearly — some people are that courageous.

Read more about Ed & Lorraine Warren’s real cases and demonic encounters in The Demonologist.

How John Zaffis Started His Paranormal Museum

How did John Zaffis — the star of the TV series, Haunted Collector — start his Museum of the Paranormal?  In this 7-minute video, you’ll hear how and why he began his collection of haunted and cursed objects.

Hear about some of John’s cases:

  • The two clown dolls that terrified the collector who brought them home.
  • The ventriloquist’s dummy — a gift to a little boy — an how it talked all by itself.
  • The “poppet” doll and its connections to Voodoo.
  • The haunted wedding gown and the ghoulish story behind it.
  • The antique pipe organ and the lovely blonde woman who haunts it.

When you bring an object home, what doors can it open?

After seeing this, you’ll either start visiting every thrift shop and yard sale you see, or you’ll never bring a secondhand item home again.

For a much longer tour of John’s museum and the objects in it, see his video, The Museum of the Paranormal. Learn more about this feature film at Amazon.com.